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Train Challenge #2: Red Robin 23

So I really, really liked this comic. Tim Drake is consistently the best teen superhero around. Above that I love the Dick Grayson Robin. As my favorite comic book store desk worker put it, “He is the coolest kid ever.” He is … Continue reading

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Lee and I have been trying to open a hotel this last week

My Train Challenge will resume in the middle of the week. Until then I found this for you:

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Train Challenge 1: Alpha Flight

The Vestrymen have repeatedly made the claim that Marvel’s 0.1 numbering  system exists as some sort of Eldritch attempt to undermine our understanding of math, counting, and comic book reading order. At least up till now the point one numbering had some sort of … Continue reading

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Random Self Challenge Number One: On The Train

I’m on the train, heading to Santa Fe for a weekend of debauchery and and insanity. I’m alone so I’m looking for something to entertain me. I have a whole ton of digital content available to me here.   I’ve decided, after … Continue reading

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Flashpoint 1: QuickReview

So my question is this: How many times does DC think I’ll reread the, admittedly awesome, The Nail and enjoy it? The JLI did something like it this year, the JLA has done it a bazzilion (yes thats a number) times, … Continue reading

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Quick Review: The Amazing Spiderman Annual 38

I enjoy paint-by-number superhero stories, but I’m not sure why. This is an archetypal superhero story too. Peter gets sent to an alternate reality where The Spider is the only superhero in that reality. Not because other people like Tony Stark are not … Continue reading

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Pioneer One: Why Free is Awesome

There is lots of free TV out there on the internet, for your entertainment. Most of the fan/open source/creative commons stuff has failed to catch my attention. Either through poor acting, unoriginal concepts, or just low production values most of this stuff, that … Continue reading

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VFCast Episode 10: The Loneliest Man Who is Also a Bat… Man.

Download Vestrymen From The Future Episode 10.mp3 Episode 10: The Loniest Man Who is Also a Bat… Man Quick Reviews: Cabel does the heavy lifting here, reviewing Suicide Girls #1, Elephantmen Vol 1, Hellboy: Seeds Of Destruction. [Pretty sure I reviewed … Continue reading

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