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Quick Reviews: Avenging Spider-Man 15.1

WRITTEN BY: Chris Yost ART BY: Paco Medina PUBLISHER: Marvel Comics RELEASE: December 26, 2012 We are unhappy with the exact details of how the end of Amazing Spider-Man 700 went down, but we are both super-de-duper excited about the … Continue reading

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Quick Review: Mara #1: Because you Demanded it!

WRITTEN BY: Brian WoodART BY: Ming Doyle and Jordie BellairePUBLISHER: Image ComicsRELEASE: December 26, 2012 Mara, as far as I can tell from the tease of the first issue, is the story of a female volleyball player who lives in … Continue reading

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So this was Christmas

We won’t be doing quick reviews today, but we will have a feature for you on Friday, but not to fret, little ones with sugarplums  I am gonna give you a roundup of some of my favorite Christmas webcomics and then … Continue reading

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What did you get?

It is likely not as awesome as getting your very own Galactus, but its also likely that your life is slightly less awesome than Franklin Richards’:   I hope you get Franklin Richards’ life for Christmas!

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VF Cast Special: X-Men First Class: The Movie

This week we discuss comic book movies, pretty blue things, and what it’s like to be a cad. It’s time for X-Men: First Class! DIRECTOR: Matthew Vaughn PRODUCED BY: Bad Hat Harry Productions IMDB for more info?: Here! RELEASE: June … Continue reading

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Quick Reviews for 12/19/2012

Happy! #3, Transformers #12, Daredevil #21, Hawkeye #6, sex, drugs, and nicknames! Happy #3 WRITTEN BY: Grant Morrison ART BY: Darick Robertson PUBLISHER: DC Comics RELEASE: December 19, 2012 Happy! #3 is saner than the Happy!s that have come before, … Continue reading

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Brought to you by Colgate-Palmolive! A Review of The Walking Dead #105

I like zombies. A lot. That much. So it’s strange that I had never read any of Robert Kirkman’s The Walking Dead. Because it’s got zombies and stuff. Anyhow, I read this book today: It’s The Walking Dead issue 105! … Continue reading

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I can’t bring myself to talk funny about comic books today

The podcast will be delayed while Lee and I try and figure out how to be entertaining in a world where kids kill younger kids with assault rifles.

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Quick Reviews for 12/12/2012

All 12s all the time today. Our first re-attempt at a skypecast.  We review Age of Apocalypse 12, ASM 699.1, Batgirl 15, Batman 15. Age of Apocalypse #10 WRITTEN BY: David Lapham ART BY: Roberto De La Torre PUBLISHER: Marvel … Continue reading

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Pooping returns: The repoopaning

I’ve heard that Everyone Poops, but I’ve never thought that that applied to superheroes. I read parts of the Ultimate line recently, and it turns out everyone does poop, sometimes all at the same time.

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