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Audio Quick Reviews for 2/27/2013

The Vestrymen sit down for a Morrison-y quick review session. Batman Inc #8, Happy #4, Action Comics #17, and Hawkeye #8. A lot of great runs started about eight months ago, I guess. Action Comics #17 WRITTEN BY: Grant Morrison … Continue reading

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Faces of Poop 4: Is it possible Frank Cho Reads our Blog?

We both already loved this book, but then it became clear to me that somehow, in someway Frank Cho is reading my mind. Review to follow

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Quick Review: Savage Wolverine #2

WRITTEN BY: Frank Cho ART BY: Jason Keith PUBLISHER: Marvel Comics RELEASE: February 20, 2013 Buy it here. I may be in a very good mood or perhaps I just needed something to make me smile. Whatever the reason, I … Continue reading

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Are we mean?

Leland and I do our very, very best to be impartial critics. We try and let you know what we like and why. We try and give you as much information as possible about how and why we came to … Continue reading

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VF Cast Season 3 Episode 8: Not Clerks 2

Archer Month continues with a look back at Kevin Smith’s early 2000s Green Arrow work, Quiver. There are exactly zero instances of Necrophilia in this work, so that is a good thing! Green Arrow: Quiver WRITTEN BY: Kevin Smith ART … Continue reading

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Faces of Poop 3: The 3rd cycle

So Leland and I are planning on featuring Kevin Smith’s Quiver as soon as Lee gets his voice back. Judd Winick is a fun writer and so I continued deeper into his run. In issue 46 Mr. Winick  is joined … Continue reading

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We get Laryngitis more than …

Leland blew out his voice. Was it from practicing his sonic scream to better understand Green Arrow’s love for Black Canary or was it because he got the illness that has been floating around our home town of Albuquerque? The … Continue reading

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Quick Review: Superior Spider-Man #4

WRITTEN BY: Dan Slott ART BY:Giuseppe CamuncoliPUBLISHER: Marvel ComicsRELEASE DATE: 2/20/2013 We are four months into this thing now, it is The Big Character Change, The Great Project, The Future of Superheroes, or if you read the letter pages The … Continue reading

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Audio Quick Reviews for 2/20/2013

Today we review Nova #1, Sherlock Holmes: The Liverpool Demon #2, Justice League of America #1, Red Sonja: Unchained #1, and  Clive Barker’s Hellraiser- The Dark Watch #1. Archer month continues! Nova #1 WRITTEN BY: Jeph Loeb ART BY: Ed … Continue reading

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Quick Reviews: Arrow TV Show

Somehow I’ve watched 4 seasons of Smallville. The first four seasons. I’ve heard, from reputable sources that the show gets  much, much better in season 10, but I couldn’t stomach the terribleness that was the first few seasons to get … Continue reading

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