Season 4 Episode 1: Pimpin’ Ain’t Easy; Illegal Wars are Harder


Title: Fury MAX: My War Gone By, Vol. 1
Author: Garth Ennis 
Artist: Goran Parlov 
Publisher: Marvel Comics (Max Imprint) 
Release Date: December 19, 2013

So I feel like I should address something. I’ve lied to you right out of the gate. That picture? The one of Fury sitting there, holding some strange tech thing and reading? That never happens in this book. Not only does it not happen, but nothing even a little bit like this happens in this book. I really, really think that image is great, and I couldn’t even tell you why.

We’ve discussed the work of Garth Ennis before. We where not huge fans of the first work of his we read. Wanted feels mean spirited, lazy, and trite. This book is lots of things, but I wouldn’t call it lazy or trite. I might call it overly gruesome, dark, and brooding. If you’ve ever ready anything by Ennis before, these should be things you expect. By the bucket full.

I really like Captain America and I really like evil twins. They are even better handled with a little bit of grace and charm. If you’ve ever thought that you’d like to see an Anti-Hero version of cap, read this damn book.

I have no more random thoughts to spew in your general direction, now go listen to the podcast!

The music for this episode of Vestrymen from the Future! is used under a Creative Commons licence. This week, we feature Mudhoney – “Chardonnay” and Chris Gheran – “Dante”. Intro music is “Action Figures” used by permission from Masai.

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