Vestrymen From the Future! A Comic Book Podcast of Epic Depravity and Turmoil!

What’s The Deal?

Vestrymen From the Future is a comic book podcast released every Wednesday evening. We’re not industry insiders, comic book store employees, or journalists, we’re simply a couple of guys who love comic books and want to talk about them. While we have our favorites our goal is to try to cover a broad spectrum of what is released each week.

The Vestrymen From Future! podcast was born when deft kleptomania and an unlocked DeLorean led to acquisition of a secret relic of the ’80’s known to scholars as Miss Mystic #1. This comic book proved so arousing that the Vestrymen, who had just returned to the great city-state of Albuquerque after quelling a violent Blorgon invasion on Rigel VII, felt compelled to tell the world about the secrets that they had learned through advanced molecular analysis of the book’s Kirby dots.

How Does It Work?!?

The podcast currently squirts out of our systems as a handful of multi-colored, bite-sized candy bitlets. We start by reviewing 4 brand new, hot off the presses comic book issues. We choose these using a complex algorithm that basically consists of a quick look at what has appeared in our pull boxes followed by a studied perusal of the new release rack. We ask the friendly and informative staff at our local comic shop what they are reading and we ask our fellow customers the same question. After all of this data has been fed into our secret series of portable computron tubes we studiously ignore the results and read the four issues that we mutually agree have the sickest cover art.

Next, we pick a trade paperback or compilation to dissect. We have no legitimate criteria for picking these, but we try to give priority to recommendations from our listeners and the fellow geeks we meet in our travels. We try to inject as much information about the authors, artists, and publishers of these fine works as we can possibly remember, but mostly we just yammer about whatever comes to mind. It’s possible there are cosmic secrets encoded in our banter, but we have yet to test this theory.

On occasion, we invite a guest caster to join us in the studio or via a remote communication device created from a crystalline composite of silicon, beryllium, carbon 70 and gold. Guest castors, obviously, ruin everything.

Who Are The Vestrymen?

And what the Hell is a vestryman? In short, we’re guys who have no direct affiliation with the comic book industry but are passionate about comic books and representing comic book culture in a positive and informative light. We don’t have to worry about selling the latest issues or promoting industry interests, we straight call it like we see it. With any luck we can turn you onto something cool you might not otherwise have read, or warn you away from some miserable mistakes.


Full Name:     Cabel "Westminster" Schoen
Favorite Book: Starman (James Robinson)
How Metal? :   No

A traveler from the verdant glades of the north, Cabel was ostracised by his dogmatic elf kin when he diverged from the righteous path of the forest folk to make a pilgrimage to the hipster mecca of Portland. How he came to settle in the great deserts of the southwest we may never know, but somewhere along the way he read a bunch of X-Men comics. Convince him to take a break from his busy schedule of forgetting the names of prominent comic book writers and you’ll find that he is full of many opinions about 90’s Marvel continuity.


Full Name:     Leland "The Jukes" Webb
Favorite Book: Transmetropolitan (Warren Ellis)
Marco? :       Polo

Leland is an OG, a relic of an era when the Dungeons & Dragons was 2nd edition, verb-noun parsing was a recipe for adventure, and Jolt Cola was some edgy shit. Too busy living in a town without a comic book store to actually read many comics as a kid, he will still spit it out real style about anything he can get his hands on. He enjoys long periods of sitting in chairs, fancy dress, and Batman.


2 Responses to About!

  1. Cabel says:

    Its dangerous to let Leland eat all the peyote in New Mexico and then put him in front of a keyboard. I’m too lazy to change any of it though, so take that Internet truth police!

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