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Skype Log: Cabel And Lee get political!

[12:48:21 AM] Leland Webb: It is time[12:55:09 AM] Cabel Schoen: what time?[12:55:20 AM] Leland Webb: Time for books?[12:55:21 AM] Cabel Schoen: AM] Cabel Schoen: I like books[12:56:19 AM] Leland Webb: well fuck me[12:56:26 AM] Leland Webb: never send me … Continue reading

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Continued Hiatus

Leland and I are both working a lot, and are planning on getting back to podcasting in the next two weeks or so. For now here are something completely un-comic book related that I’ve found amusing: Here are the last … Continue reading

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Late Podcasts and Glass Candy

Yo, So, Cabel is dying (not really) of old-person problems, and that’s why we’ve been a bit behind on getting a podcast out to you. We have new content coming at you later this week, but in the meantime, listen … Continue reading

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VFCast Season 3 Episode 17: Saga: Star Wars for Perverts!

No part of me is ever ‘safe for work.’ I am an unsafe worker, bitches. I got fired by OSHA! This podcast is, however, less safe for work than our normal podcast. Title: Saga Volume 1 Author: Brian K. Vaugn … Continue reading

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NewsTime! Special Report for 3/12/13

Since The Vestrymen don’t love you very much we’re not giving you a quick reviews podcast this week. In order to soften that blow, we are going to give you a new kind of podcast. It will even come out … Continue reading

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VF Cast Season 3 Episode 8: Not Clerks 2

Archer Month continues with a look back at Kevin Smith’s early 2000s Green Arrow work, Quiver. There are exactly zero instances of Necrophilia in this work, so that is a good thing! Green Arrow: Quiver WRITTEN BY: Kevin Smith ART … Continue reading

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Lee and I have been trying to open a hotel this last week

My Train Challenge will resume in the middle of the week. Until then I found this for you:

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Podcast will be late

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