Episode Guide

VFCast Season 2 Episode 13 : Oh, the Hickmanity!


It’s not often that four can be so fantastic, but what happens when Reed Richards is not one man, but hundreds. What happens when Celestials decide to ruin your day? Most importantly, what happens when Franklin has a birthday party?

VFCast Season 2 Episode 12 : Sometimes Da Vinci must punch Galactus in the face!


A man of shadows, a man of iron, and a man made out of midnight skulk among the cobwebs in the corners of our minds. A new paradigm arises, and the old fights to inform the new. We pour one out for our dead homie Joe Kubert and we carry on. This is not how the world ends.

VFCast Season 2 Episode 11 : We thought it was a Halloween book!


Madder Red manages to overshadow every other release on the shelves with his wily ability to trick fans that he’s definitely not The Joker. Warheads multiply with quirky, sexy, and swank swankery accessible even to those with the skinniest jeans. The Avengers get an uncannily cute cover, and Captain Marvel is as Ms. as Ms. can be.

VFCast Season 2 Episode 10 : It’s Bendis Time!


Popcultivators unite, the howling immortality serum secret war is here! A man named Brian Michael faces off against a man that some call Nick Fury and the ring gets all bloody and slippery. Captain Marvel saves the day with her indomitable spirit and brass knuckles of righteousness!

VFCast Season 2 Episode 9 : Greetings, fellow omnivores! Follow me to the snack machine!


Superman reunites with his ghost dog, Batman is a jerk, and there are once again two too many goblins in the NYC.  You won’t find Harry Potter at the Jean Grey School for Higher Learning, but if you did you can bet that Headmaster Logan would probably be too distracted by ‘tweenage anarchist plots to pay much attention to him at all.

VFCast Season 2 Episode 8 : The Dream of the 90’s is Alive!


Well I’ve never been to Portland, but I kind of like Dex Parios. Happy! #1 makes us get all giddy and girlish for your listening pleasure. Our box is full this week, which means Batman and Spidey make the scene.

VFCast Season 2 Episode 7 : Sometimes there is an Obama that we don’t talk about at all.


We give the Devil his due while reading a bunch of girl on girl releases. If a comic falls in the forest, and nobody gets to read it because the publisher was terrible, will the Vestrymen review it? The answer is, usually.

VFCast Season 2 Episode 6 : Warren Zevon Owes Me Fifty Bucks.


Hi there, fright fiends! Tonight, we take a behind the screams look at an auteur known only as Aleister Arcane, goulish master of the macabre! What horrors await the Vestrymen as they delve into the dark past of Jackson, Oklahoma? Will Warren Zevon pay his debts?

VFCast Season 2 Episode 5 : Sometimes I think the world is dark…


Power Girl, Huntress, Swamp Thing, Hawkeye, all mixed together with a dead god’s thigh. Spread it on Hellstorm 10 feet thick, and wash it all down with Osiris’ dick.

VFCast Season 2 Episode 4 : And Then the Vestrymen Were Confused


Straczynski shows us how sad the world would be without super-soldier serum. Wolverine punches everyone with his mighty knives of bones while nurturing the the mutants of the world with his fatherly warmth and sage advice. Wonder Woman, Spiderman, and the Green Lantern? Who knows!

VFCast Season 2 Episode 3 : Things That Make Our Brains Explode


Aliens from other worlds, from other galaxies, even from other dimensions! What do they want? As it turns out, they want our women.

VFCast Season 2 Episode 2 : “Noir is French for “Black”


The world is full of monsters. Monsters in the sea covet your silence, monsters in the streets lust after your organs, and monsters the world over seek to own you all! It’s a good thing that Hawkeye has time to take a break from the Avengers to clean up.

VFCast Season 2 Episode 1 : You want Deadpool in a maid’s outfit? Fine! Have it, we don’t care!


We spend a lot of time talking about the cities that superheroes inhabit, both real and imagined. Art deco meets post-modernism in a brawl to the death!

VFCast Episode 10: The Loneliest Man Who is Also a Bat… Man.


Comics about pretty girls and movies about Batman, batmen, and other men who are batlike in their lonely pursuit of justice!

VFcast Episode 9 – Spacemen… From Space!


We learn that when 11 different dudes play the same character things can get a little bit confusing.

VFcast Episode 8 – Pamplet Roulette


Swamp Thing teabags a gold digging dragon with his crystal balls while a young padawan looks on from his seat in the audience at the late night double feature picture show.  In the confusion, the elephantmen slip away, never to be seen again.  Also, kittens!

VFcast Episode 7 – We Buy Whatever the Hell the People at the Comic Book Store Tell Us To


We learn that, while misguided psychopaths controlled by evil ghosts rape and murder your family, Green Lantern will totally be flying some jets.

VFcast Episode 6 – Escalating Amounts of Weird


The worst X-Men ever live by only one motto, if they don’t take your eyes, how are you gonna see the truth?  Captain America is too busy fighting a bear to do anything about them.

VFcast Episode 5 – That’s Some Cosmic Shit


Champagne for my men!  The Asgardians get stoned and order a bunch of pizza, Spider Jerusalem joins the Fantastic Four (in our minds), and the VFcast puts you in its pants.

VFcast Episode 4 – Don’t Fear the Irish Lone Ranger


We talk Zorro, sodomy and murder for hire.  All your abandoned Spanish mission are belong to the Confederate army.  Everybody gets shot.  Every.  Body.

VFcast Episode 3 – Bitchz Gots No Legs

Part 1: Download
Part 2: Download

It’s the blind leading the blind when Alan guest hosts. We talk about futuristic disabilities, evil Jesus, and the role of megafauna in adult entertainment.

VFcast Episode 2 – The One Without a Witty Title


Sherlock Holmes solves the least mysterious mystery while we advise the Secret Avengers on how to stop blowing themselves up.  No jellyfish were harmed during the making of this podcast.  In fact, as far as we can tell, the jellyfish seemed to be enjoying itself.

VFcast Episode 1 – Captain Galactic and the Victory Mystics: Origins


We kick Iron Man in the junk while Pepper Potts gives free hand jobs.  When life gives you lemons, show them your identification.  The legend of the vomiting deer is born.


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