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VFCast Season 2 Episode 14: An Examination of Aggression

It’s an anti-Batman extravaganza as we behold the devil and discover the secrets of aggression, violence, power, and animal sex! Grendel: Behold The Devil WRITTEN BY: Matt Wagner PUBLISHER: Dark Horse Comics RELEASE: March 16, 2010 Neither of us have … Continue reading

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A behind the scenes look at how The Vestrymen “Plan”

  I sent Leland the above image and the following occurred: [10:18:33 PM] Cabel Schoen:there are at least 2 awesome things about this image [10:19:08 PM] Leland Webb: Dude, there are at least 10 awesome things in this picture [10:19:24 PM] … Continue reading

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Quick Review: Hawkeye #4

WRITTEN BY: Matt Fraction ART BY: David Aja PUBLISHER: Marvel Comics RELEASE DATE: 11/21/2012 Much like ASM we get Hawkeye every damn time it comes out. This week due to the day of yelling moliods, we are almost a week … Continue reading

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Quick Reviews for 11/28/2012

Hey there, sports fans! It’s a little known fact that talking to Leland and I while we are recording the podcast is a lot like conversing with Val and Franklin. We review FF #1, Batman Inc #5, Nowhere Men #1, … Continue reading

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Fake Geek Girls?

I did not know that this was a thing until a ton of the more enlightened geek and non-geek press took some time away from deciding if 343 Studios is capable of making a bland video game as well as Bungie … Continue reading

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Happy Thanksgiving Everyone

It is Thanksgiving, so Leland and I are taking this one off. I shall not, however, leave you empty handed. First, as may become a holiday tradition, I will tell you how the Future Foundation’s Moliods would celebrate this day: It turns … Continue reading

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Vestrymen Season 2 Episode 13: Oh, the Hickmanity!

So we’ve changed the formatting up of our podcast up a little. We’ve decided to spin the quick reviews off into their own content. This way you can listen to just the reviews if you need just a quick hit … Continue reading

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Reviews from the Future! 11/14/2012

We are throwing a changeup and using sports metaphors. We’ve decided, starting this week, to split the podcast into two parts! We will still publish a weekly review of four (or another number) of semi-random pamphlets, and we will still … Continue reading

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Blogroll Addition

I’m adding Again with the Comics, mostly because their most recent article on The Human Flying Fish! Such a good, good, very bad character. Hopefully Mr. Huges’ coverage of his “Legon of Subpar Villians” resumes soon.

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Vestrymen Season 2 Episode 12: Sometimes Leonardo Da Vinci has to punch Galactus in the face

OMG did we enjoy Mr. Hickman’s S.H.I.E.L.D. We also review Mr. Gillen’s Iron Man #1, Mr. Jordan’s Shadowman #1, Mr. Richardson’s 47 Ronin, and Joe Kubert’s Joe Kubert Presents #1. We pour one out for our departed homies. Quick Reviews!: … Continue reading

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